Why we got started

My inspiration for this site comes from a series of horrible events involving Facebook.

It all began in November 2009. I had left Facebook a month prior when things between my boyfriend and I got a little rocky. I foresaw a break-up coming and wanted to escape the site before it did any real damage.

I was hanging with some friends and drinking a bit before a night out when my awkward friend Sue dropped the bomb. “There’s pictures of Brian making out with a skinny blonde dressed in a nurse costume on Facebook. They were taken on Halloween before you guys broke up.”

She must have sensed that I thought it was plausible we’d still get back together. My heart dropped.

Over the next few months, I fought ongoing urges to stalk. But after giving in a few too many times, my best friend changed my password so I could never access the account again (or so I thought at the time). After a while, the urges began to dissipate. When others talked about the site or I made posts on behalf of clients, I no longer felt like I was going to throw up. Things were looking up.

Then, it hit again. Facebook ruined my life. Again. We had a new social media intern at work, and she offered to make some modifications to a client’s Facebook fan page. She wouldn’t stop talking to me, so I gave her the password and said OK. Next thing I knew, the page was gone. Over 2,000 fans. Gone.

From then on, I spent my days stalking employees of Facebook. My techie roommate suggested I contact the staff from a Facebook account with a cute profile picture. “You are most likely contacting geeky boys who are more apt to listen to an attractive female face,” she advised.

And she was right. I sent countless messages from an account with a headshot of myself taken on New Year’s Eve three years prior. “One person has already been fired, and I’m next. Please restore this fan page :),” I flirted in my messages.

Thankfully, it worked. The page was restored one week later.

Today, I spend much of my time convincing friends that Twitter is better than Facebook. I created Facebook Ruins Lives as a way to share social media news and, most importantly, advocate about the consequences.

Join in on the conversation on Twitter @FB_Ruins_Lives.

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