How Facebook Can Get You Fired

The following three people are pretty dumb.

Good thing is: if you’re reading this blog, chances are you won’t follow in their footsteps.

Meteorologist Rhonda Lee was fired for defending her hairstyle on Facebook after viewers compared it to that of a cancer patient’s. [Note: This is not a joke.] While Lee felt compelled to respond because the comments were “embarrassingly racist,” her boss allegedly let her go for violating company procedures.

This lady’s bad day got worse when she was fired for venting about it. She posted: “I wish I could get fired some days, it would be easier to be at home than to have to go through this.”

Ohio teacher Melissa Cairns posted a pic of her seventh and eighth graders with duck tape over their mouths. “Finally found a way to get them to be quiet!!!,” the caption read. Cairns was placed on leave after the incident and said she plans to appeal, according to latest reports.

Have you ever posted something to Facebook that you immediately regretted? Tell us about it.


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How Not To Get Fired For Facebook Posts

Facebook is like a swimming pool. They both suck.

I really don’t like swimming pools. Especially public ones.

There are too many random people. Sometimes the pool is dirty. And sometimes it smells bad. You never know how many people have secreted there. And more importantly, what those people have secreted.

Facebook apparently knows it sucks as bad as public pools. The social network compared itself to one this month.

“Swimming pools are filled with people. Some you know. Some you don’t,” it wrote on its timeline. “And every once in a while you see something that maybe you shouldn’t. That’s why swimming pools are a little like Facebook.”

The post has generated 32,872 comments and 42,273 shares to date.


Parents creep on daughter’s profile

When my parents would ground me as an adolescent, that meant I couldn’t leave the house. No AOL Instant Messenger. And no phone calls.

These days, parents are punishing their kids by photo bombing their Facebook pages.

Take this fucking weird Wisconsin couple for example, who confiscated their daughter’s phone and posted several “goofy” pics to her page.

Her brother then proceeded to tell the entire world about it via Reddit.

Well that’s not embarrassing.

Why you can’t stop shopping online

Because Facebook helps advertisers find you using its new Custom Audiences feature.

You don’t even have to like the brand for it to target you. And while Facebook says it keeps your personal contact information anonymous, not everyone is convinced.

Researcher Suriya Prakash performed his own experiment this summer and claims to have collected strangers’ digits. There’s proof, too. Check it out.

Don’t want it to happen to you? Read this.

The article won’t completely save you from being stalked. But it’s a good start.

Prince Harry gets caught—even under a pseudo

Apparently Prince Harry had a Facebook account. That is until he got naked and partied royaly in Vegas.

The account of Spike Wells (aka Harry) was created roughly four years ago and has about 400 friends, according to reports.

But like any smart prince, he took it down shortly after the photos surfaced.

That didn’t stop Chippendales from offering him a job:

I’ve been to Vegas. There are photos. That’s why I’m not on Facebook. But I’m also not famous.

Mom pimps out toddlers

It’s a common occurrence: Parents use Facebook to ruin kids’ lives. See for yourself:

It’s happening people

Part of the reason why Facebook is so creepsten is because you can stalk someone for hours without he or she even knowing.

If you’ve ever been on a dating site before, I’m sure you’re aware of the ‘make two accounts’ trick so the promising prospects don’t know how often you frequent their pages.

I always wondered if Facebook would someday do the same.

Well people: sounds like that day has come. Apparently, it announced this week that it will start letting users know who has viewed items on the site. (More HERE.)

That’s definitely bad news for the 88 percent of people who admitted to stalking their exes on Facebook in this survey.

The lovely journos at have compiled a list of 7 people you should stalk before this gets serious.

Hurry, get to it. This will take days.

There’s an app to find Facebook ‘friends’ near you

Sounds like a sex service to me. Or just really fucking creepy.

This video sums it up:

More from CNN HERE.

[Note: The ‘Find Friends Nearby’ app can be accessed by going “to the URL; or, on your phone’s app, go to the menu sidebar, scroll down to Find Friends, and touch Find Friends Nearby,” according to the LA Times.]

Grounded for life

It’s been a while

It’s been about 10 months since I’ve had a personal Facebook account— almost 300 days—and I’ve never even logged back on to recover a photo or stalk an ex.

Pretty impressive, huh?

I officially got off for the second—or third?—time in March after watching this video.

It really hit home. And reminded me why I had deactivated so many times before.

I’ll never forget the day I got off. It’s pretty humorous how Facebook begs you to stay.

“Amanda will miss you; Lauren will miss you; Sally will miss you; Marianne will miss you; Laurie will miss you,” Facebook scrolled along the top of the page above photos of myself with some of my best friends.

(Click on the image to make it larger.)

Creepy how it can tell who your best friends are.

… Well, it got four of five right.

I have no idea who Laurie is. I have never been photographed with her. Never written on her wall. I’m pretty positive I’ve never even seen or met her. And since I’m not in the photo chosen, I’m assuming this was a glitch? Or maybe it just proves my point: Your Facebook “friends” are not your REAL friends.

Regardless, Facebook’s pleas to keep me around didn’t work. And I logged off for good that day. I love that Facebook doesn’t consume hours of my week and that I’m not reliant on a website to keep me in touch with my friends—something not many others can say.

Are you on Facebook? How has it enhanced—or complicated—your life?

The wandering eye

It’s official. Reverend Cedric Miller was right.

According to a survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Facebook is cited in one of five divorces in the U.S. Plus, it says more than 80 percent of divorce lawyers reported that a rising number of people are using social media to engage in extramarital affairs.

And for those of you who are still pessimistic—there’s more. A marriage doesn’t necessarily have to be on the brink of disaster for Facebook to get in the way.

“I don’t think these people typically set out to have affairs,” Steven Kimmons told Times of India this week. “A lot of it is curiosity. They see an old friend or someone they dated and decide to say ‘hello’ and catch up on where that person is and how they’re doing.”

We told you so! Remember, you heard it here first. Until next time, watch those wandering eyes.

This guy agrees

If this doesn’t make you deactivate, I don’t know what will.

Mom ruins daughter’s life

This is incredible.

Facebook ruins marriages? Uh, duh!

As I’m sure most of you have heard, last week Reverend Cedric Miller of a small town in New Jersey announced that members of his congregation delete their Facebook accounts.

Miller says that Facebook causes old flings to reunite and in the last six months, 20 couples in his 1,100-member congregation have experienced marital problems as a result of Facebook.

We love Reverend Cedric Miller’s message. And we were excited to have him as our spokesperson—so you could imagine our dismay when it was revealed that he testified in a 2003 criminal case to having a threesome!

The Associated Press reported two days ago that Miller is temporarily stepping down from the pulpit because of an affair involving a three-way sexual relationship with his wife and a male church assistant ten years ago.

Yet even though others may now deny his credibility, Mr. Miller still makes a valid point.

A good friend once told me, you get what you give out of Facebook. So for those of you stalking old boyfriends, sending private messages of fond memories, Facebook chatting into the wee hours—regardless of the fact you have a spouse—yes, it will ruin your marriage!

It’s simply another form of adultery and just because you aren’t looking that person in the face, it doesn’t make it right. But who am I to judge? I just hate Facebook.

Did Facebook ruin your marriage? Send us your story. Let’s try and make it stop happening to others.

Is a family Facebook page the answer?